• Editor: Ian W. Scott (Associate Professor of New Testament, Tyndale Seminary)
  • Editorial Assistance: Aloma Jonker (Interrim Editor during 2010)

Missio Dei is a journal geared for the whole spectrum of Christian leaders in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Each month you will find articles here by faculty and friends of Tyndale Seminary. The authors will explore how insights from their diverse fields of expertise can help you to reflect on the real work of engaging our communities with the Gospel.

The articles in Missio Dei examine our work as Christians through a missional lens. The title Missio Dei is Latin for “The Mission of God.” It reflects our conviction that as a community of Christ-followers we are given the opportunity to join in God’s own work in the world. The articles assume a holistic understanding of God’s kingdom. As God becomes King again over his creation, he invites us human beings to faith in Jesus Christ, invites us to be restored into relationship with himself. At the same time, he is also working to heal bodies, soothe scarred minds, rebuilding fractured communities, re-orient violent economies, end selfish wars, and resuscitate the creation we were called to protect. This all is the work Jesus began two thousand years ago with his teaching, his healings, his exorcisms, and his eating with outcasts and sinners. This is the work made possible by Jesus’ death for us on a Roman cross. And this is the work in which we, as Jesus’ people, are called to join. It is not a mission we will finish. We live in hope of the day when God will bring his kingdom to its fulfillment with Christ’s return. It is, though, the mission which ought to define our existence as Christian communities.

Our missional framework for reflection also means that we must think contextually. The sheer scope of God’s kingdom, and of his mission to make it a reality, means that there will be myriad ways in which we are called to take part. Our roles in God’s work will depend on the range of our capacities and gifts. The shape of that work will also depend on the shape of the particular community in which we live, its needs and its blessings at this moment in history. One size will not fit all! So, the authors who write in Missio Dei will often reflect specifically on our role in God’s work here, in the Greater Toronto Area. We write for our own context, in the hope that our local thinking can also provide analogies and resources for the work of God in other places and other times.

Third, the articles in Missio Dei aim to be integrative. Too often our thinking and our work is chopped up and amputated by artificial separations and polarities. Scholarship is pitted against practical action. Evangelism is pitted against social justice. The Seminary is pitted against the Church. Faith is pitted against careful thinking. The authors writing in Missio Dei will approach their varied topics with the common conviction that God’s work must embrace both ends of these oppositions.

Missional, contextual, integrative. This is the kind of reflection you will find in the pages of Missio Dei. As the conversation begins in the coming months, we hope and pray that our reflections will spark your own thinking and spur on your own work. If you are interested in contributing an article of between 1000 and 2000 words, please send an email inquiry along with a brief (100 word) summary of the proposed article topic to the journal editor, Ian W. Scott, at iscott@tyndale.ca.